Careers and stakeholders

This professional figure will find employment, also with reference to the group "Agronomists and assimilated" of the ISTAT classification of professions (intellectual, scientific, and highly specialized professions, for which a high level of knowledge and experience is required; their tasks consist in enriching existing knowledge by promoting and conducting scientific research; in interpreting concepts, scientific theories and norms; in teaching them systematically; in applying them to the solution of concrete problems), in the following sectors: in the free profession , after passing the state exam, enrolling in the Register of Agronomy and Forestry Doctors; in public research bodies, as responsible for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of agricultural crops and their defense; in the regional phytosanitary services, as inspectors for goods in transit and for nurseries or as officials in charge of drafting the regional disease protection directives; in the industries producing technical means for agriculture (seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products, etc.), with research or consultancy tasks for operators; in large-scale organized distribution, as responsible for the planning of agricultural plant production, the drafting of production regulations and the control of the healthiness of food; in the design, management and defense of ornamental, recreational and sports green; in the development and organization of technical assistance services; in rural development projects, including on an international scale, by integrating productive, managerial, environmental enhancement, and sustainability of agricultural activities skills.

Employment statistics (Almalaurea)

Il corso dialoga con il territorio attraverso consultazione con le organizzazioni professionali, produttive e di servizio - a livello locale, nazionale e internazionale.