Study plan submission

You will have to submit your study plan at least once in your university career.

In Which Year
Each study programme specifies in which year you are required to submit your study plan: view the Study Plan section on the Unimia page to find out all the details.

How and When
The study plan may be submitted once a year. The deadlines, submission guide and templates are posted to Unimia, in the Study Plan section.
Once it is completed and approved, you can still change it by submitting a new one the following year. If the new plan is approved, it supersedes the previous one.  The plan must be submitted online on the Unimia page. If, for some reason, it is not possible to submit it through Unimia (e.g. for old degree programmes, or for particular study plans), you may submit a paper copy as an alternative. Please contact the registrar through the Informastudenti service.

Submission of Study Plans for Academic Year 2021/2022

  • Bachelor's and single cycle degrees: from 27 September to 22 October 2021
  • Master's degree: from 1 February to 28 February 2022

The study plan submission period also applies to any amendments.

Online Services
Insegnamenti a scelta autonoma dello studente erogati per l’anno accademico 2020/2021

Gli studenti che presentano il piano di studi per la prima volta o che intendono modificarlo potranno inserire
alcuni insegnamenti anche se non più erogati nell’a.a. 2020/2021: in questo caso sarà possibile sostenere l’esame di profitto ma non seguire le lezioni dell’insegnamento.
Allo stesso modo gli studenti che hanno già presentato il piano di studi con uno o più insegnamenti che non saranno erogati nell’a.a. 2020/2021 potranno sostenere l’esame di profitto ma non seguire le lezioni dell’insegnamento.